Thursday 27 January 2011

Going Mobile

After two years of travelling, with Sun going down on me, and Oracle rising on the horizon without me, I came back to the Calgary market.
It has been an interesting time for web development, with a significant ICEFaces project under my belt, I took another look into the available frameworks and found some satisfaction in ZK. One of the factors being that I needed a solution that could scale into mobile browsers.
Even though ZK is great on the desktop, ZK Mobile was not really what we wanted for the small form factor devices. They need to re-think their mobile strategy. I think the industry in general is trying to adjust to the fact that mobile Java (JME) is fast giving way to the mobile web, and many will be having to take Javascript much more seriously than we did in the past as fully capable WebKit browsers become predominant.
In an effort to rationalize mobile development across multiple platforms, without having to write native apps in each one, I've been looking closely at the new wave of mobile web technologies.
My current focus is on building AJAX apps with jQuery and the new jQuery Mobile framework, and wrapping them in PhoneGap for psuedo-native apps which can be submitted to the AppStore, Android market, etc.

Watch this space for technical hints, tips (and vents) as I negotiate this new landscape.

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